Other Work

When I am not being a trainee lawyer or a councillor I am keeping myself busy with the following responsibilities:

Spokesman for Young British Muslims in the UK

Hashim believes it is vital that all British Muslims play a role in civic life and he has been dubbed as a positive role model for the British Muslim community. Hashim hopes to inspire the younger generation to engage with the political and legal sphere so that the views and policies that emerge from Westminster reflect the communities that live in them. He hopes that his involvement will raise the aspirations of younger Muslims and by doing so give them a voice. Hashim has featured in the Guardian newspaper, Buzzfeed and various other publications directly talking about issues British Muslims face and has appeared on several high profile television channels.


Interfaith Work & Social Action

Redefining the interfaith debate, Hashim has 10 years of experience in interfaith relations working alongside Three Faiths Forum. He is currently the Chair of the Three Faiths Forum Alumni Network. Under his leadership, London’s first Interfaith Summit was founded in November 2015. This ground-breaking work aimed to build bridges between communities especially the younger generations. The summit tackled stereotypes and preconceived notions building interfaith dialogue using social action. The summit was endorsed by Baroness Williams and was widely reported in the press such as in the Jewish News and Huffington Post. 2016 marked the second year in which the summit was held and was sold out with over 400 young people attending with keynote speakers including Melody Hosseini and Amelia Viney.

Alongside this, Hashim hosted for the second year in a row an Eid Ul Adha reception in Parliament which was widely reported on TV channels Geo and ARY News. This was the only Eid event held in Parliament and it was aimed at educating Members of Parliament about Islam. Hashim also spoke at the Buddhist Vihara temple during interfaith week 2016 and was quoted in numerous publications including by the Executive Director of the Interfaith Network in the UK.

He has also taken part in the Faith Matters Ambassadors project in 2013 and worked at the grassroots level with Interact UK, successfully hosting a ‘Youth Employment Opportunities Fair’ in Barnet.


US Embassy’s Future Young Leaders Programme (YLUK)

Under the former American Ambassador’s leadership, Matthew Barzun, Hashim worked closely with the US Embassy to strengthen the UK/US relationship but also to air his concerns about US foreign policy. Hashim believes that it’s vital we engage with our American counterparts and this advisory group was a small step. Hashim has used this opportunity to develop his skills and will be blogging about his experience in due course which included meeting John Kerry, Barack Obama and an invitation to Winfield House.

President Obama spoke to YLUK members in April 2016 and here is one of his quotes from the day, “You should be predisposed to other people’s power – how can I make the people around me do great things?”


Conservative Muslim Forum

Hashim was elected to the Executive committee of the Conservative Muslim Forum in July 2012 for a 4 year term. He was re-elected in contested elections on 14 March 2017 for another 4 years. Hashim believes that the CMF plays a vital role in engaging British Muslims in the democratic basis. We believe that the fundamental values of the Conservative Party such as recognising the importance of the family, scepticism of state control, a belief in private enterprise, low taxes and personal responsibility are values that appeal to British Muslims. For the last 2 years, Hashim has organised an Eid event in Parliament for CMF.


Huffington Post Blogger

Hashim is an official blogger for the Huffington Post on a variety of issues and several of his articles have been published. http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/author/hashim-bhatti

Advisory roles & Mentoring

Hashim continues to advise various embassies and charities on their youth engagement strategies. He is an Ambassador for Care Pakistan in the UK and works closely with organisations such as the Patchwork Foundation and JCI UK. Hashim is currently mentoring 1 student through the ParliaMentors buddying programme, 4 local students in Windsor and 2 city professionals in various capacities.


British Pakistan Power 100/Foundation

2017 will see Hashim launch a new booklet aimed at inspiring young British Pakistanis by highlighting various role models in the country that they can look up too. It will also see the launch of a new Foundation in honour of Hashim’s grandfather (Abdul Bhatti).