Cllr Hashim Bhatti’s Tech business sees threefold increase in the number of tech pitches received

Since the tech business launched last year, Cllr Bhatti has overseen over 100 tech pitches and become a l leading advisor to several tech companies in the UK and abroad #tech.

We asked Cllr Bhatti as a leading UK angel investor what he looks for before investing into any tech business?

I think the following 5 characteristics are important not to say this is all I look for in the start-ups that I invest in:

  • The business idea – what does it do? Does it solve a problem or not? Competitors/gaps?

  • The business model – what are the valuations, is it backed by some common sense? What would my returns on my investment look like? Worst and best-case scenario?

  • Strong Management – having a good idea is great but is there a team that can scale and deliver it? Do the founders have skin in the game?

  • Dilution/Fundraising – am I going to be diluted excessively, is it SEIS/EIS registered? What’s the cash burn rate and has that cash been used wisely or are you funding just for the sake of it?

  • My Exit – how can I exit the business? Is it 3 years EIS hold or do you want me there for longer?