Current Issues

As your local councillor, I am working tirelessly to ensure your views are taken onboard in council meetings and that the following interests are protected:

1. Over-Development - I am working to protect Clewer North from over-development (especially on Greenbelt land) which harms local community assets such as garden centres. As many of you know, the proposed local Borough Plan has allocated 650 houses to be built in Clewer North. I am working closely with the council to ensure your views are taken onboard and after leaflet dropping last month a public consultation was held at the Windsor Racecourse on Saturday 7 January 2017.

2. Heathrow Expansion – I am working to ensure that the proposed Heathrow expansion is challenged because it threatens housing, services, and brings more noise and pollution to Clewer North.

3. Speeding, CCTV, and Safety - I am working to ensure the safety of all our residents and their children. That’s why speed gun exercises have been carried out on Dedworth Road and I am listening to residents about concerns on Gally’s road. All road users have a duty of care and we are looking at all options. At the same time, I am making sure that we maintain CCTV provision in the ward for the safety of residents.

4. Young People - I am working to increase the opportunities for young people in Clewer North with the aim of helping them raise their aspirations. This will bring benefits both financially to the ward and to their families. I also believe it will lead to a reduction in anti-social behaviour. I am currently mentoring five students in this respect.

5. Development - I am working to ensure that the development on Shirley Avenue for houses takes a common sense approach and does not put pressure on local services to the detriment of my local residents – see press articles