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  • Cllr Bhatti selected for the Pakistan Diaspora Future Leaders’ Programme 2017 with Common Purpose & the British Council

    I was selected to attend the Pakistan Diaspora Future Leaders programme 2017 which was run by Common Purpose and the British Council. As some of you may know, I was the first British Pakistani to be elected in Windsor and I am the only British Pakistani Conservative councillor under the age of 30.

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    Dubbed the Silicon Valley of hardware, Shenzhen has built its success on far more than nuts, bolts and circuit boards

    While Silicon Valley is still ground zero for tech titans and the most ambitious start-ups, it is in the Chinese city of Shenzhen that things actually get made. And now, says David Baker, the city’s quick-fire manufacturing is pulling in a new generation of designers and developers.

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  • Youthful councillors are up for a national award

    Two Windsor councillors have been shortlisted for a national award.

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    While San Francisco is the undisputed power source of the global tech scene, there are bright sparks and live wires in a host of rising tech hubs. There are ten cities cracking the code.

    How can you spot the world’s next Silicon Valley? According to Megan Walters, head of Asia-Pacific research at property-investment firm JLL, look for inspirational education, a young and eager workforce, interesting jobs and visionary investors. Here are ten cities that are already threatening California’s high-tech dominance.

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