Cllr Bhatti selected for the Pakistan Diaspora Future Leaders’ Programme 2017 with Common Purpose & the British Council

I was selected to attend the Pakistan Diaspora Future Leaders programme 2017 which was run by Common Purpose and the British Council. As some of you may know, I was the first British Pakistani to be elected in Windsor and I am the only British Pakistani Conservative councillor under the age of 30.

The key question over the course of the 3 days was “how can diaspora leaders use their skills, talents and networks to benefit Pakistan and the diaspora community”?

I believe Pakistan has a huge amount of potential and if nurtured correctly could become an economic powerhouse. For those that don’t know, Pakistan is an emerging economy with a population of 207m where 60% of the population are youngsters.

I am currently working on the first British Pakistan 100 magazine which I founded, more details to be revealed soon. If you’re interested in getting involved in any way, please email me at:

Pakistan Diaspora Future Leaders’ Programme