UK Interfaith Summit Founder, Hashim Bhatti, organises third summit in London bringing communities together

On 16 November 2017, Cllr Hashim Bhatti, the founder of London’s first Interfaith Summit 2015 voluntarily organised the third summit with 3FF Alumni committee members/Three Faiths Forum. Over 450 young people attended the summit with tickets sold out in advance.

The aim of the summit was to bring together a diverse group of young people from different backgrounds to create a space safe to build understanding between communities through a series of panels, workshops and discussions.

Cllr Hashim Bhatti, as a leading interfaith expert, who has voluntarily been working in the #intefaithsector for the last 10 years was responsible for organising the high-profile panel and the faith in media sessions which were well received.

Some of the Summit highlights included:

  • Conversations on Faith in the Media and the effect on community relations, stories of Sexuality and Identity with leading NGOs, academics and changemakers.
  • An interactive workshop on coalition building for change with International organisations such as OSCE and ODIHR.
  • We also welcomed back an expert-led creative workshop from MUJU examining Race and Faith, and once again we had music hosted by renowned annual interfaith music festival Faiths in Tune
  • There was also a high-profile panel event celebrating Discovering Exceptional Young Leaders across different sectors

Details of the Interfaith Summit can be found here:

UK Interfaith Summit 2017 2 UK Interfaith Summit 2017